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How it Works


Before downloading the contract please make sure your costume has been approved by Dance Costume Connection for resale. See full details below.

Dance Costume Connection's (DCC) fee is 40% of the total selling price of the costume. Consignor receives 60% of the total selling price of the costume.


Costume sale price:  $150

DCC 40% fee:   $60.00

Consignor (Seller) receives:  $90.00

Most other resellers take a 50% profit, plus a membership fee.


DCC specializes in pre-owned custom costumes and to maintain the best in style and quality all costumes must be approved via email prior to mailing. Please email photos to We will not list or reimburse shipping charges for catalog costumes or costumes that were mailed without prior approval.

Please make sure your costumes are cleaned and in near perfect condition. Any defects or missing stones must be either repaired or noted so that we can inform the buyers. All sizes must be written on the costume seller's form, including any extra sizes (e.g. bra size). Make sure to indicate any accessories that are included with the costume(s) for sale.

Replacement of rhinestones are available. Price is determined by the amount of rhinestones needed.

Duo/trio and group costumes
Do not include costumes that have missing embellishments, (e.g. broaches, etc.). unless there is a variety amongst the group costumes. Buyers only want to purchase matching costumes.

For the moment, we are not allowing customers to upload their own costumes to our website. This allows Dance Costume Connection to provide the best quality and style of costumes available for sale. Once you send us your costume(s), we will take pictures and upload them for you. The seller (costume owner) is responsible for shipping the costume to us, Dance Costume Connection. We are not responsible for any return shipping fees. When a costume is sold, Dance Costume Connection will pay for the cost to ship the costume to the buyer.

Prior to mailing your costume(s) you must receive approval of the resale of your costume(s). Once approved download the contract and mail it to us with your costume(s).


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