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My name is Ana Amato, the founder of Dance Costume Connection. From my passion for dance I decided to enroll my daughter in a combo class when she was 2 years old and she was hooked or should I say, I was. You know the feeling of seeing your kid doing what they love? You will do anything to keep it going. My daughter and I quickly discovered weren’t alone with the passion for dance. As our country started to emerge from a bad recession and family budgets constantly tightening, I realized there was no reason for other families (including my own) to sacrifice the love for dance. By creating Dance Costume Connection I found a fast-growing, economical way for other dancers to recycle their costumes with other families at a fraction of their original price benefiting both the seller of the costume and the buyer.


I started locally in San Diego and the word quickly got out. Now we are able to connect amazing costumes with dancers from all over the country. Because of my commitment to quality, customer service and networking with the best in the industry we are able to sell costumes fast!

The positive response from our customers has been overwhelming. I hope you, too choose Dance Costume Connection to buy or sell your gently used costumes on consignment.

Thank you,
Ana Amato
Dance Costume Connection

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